One might think that Excel is a decent CSV editor as it is, but it's not. It is a very capable CSV reader, I do not dispute that. When it comes to writing though, Excel does not match what you'd expect from a mature application:

If you're collaborating on the CSV file with others, their Excel version might have different defaults and produce incompatible output. Even if you're the only one working on that CSV, you can forget about clean diffs and sensible atomic commits to your version control system.

The only solution is not to overwrite CSV files you've opened with Excel. Use another tool designed specifically for dealing with CSV or edit the file manually in the text editor of your choosing.

Append to CSV with VBA

I wrote a small helper utility to append data rows to the CSV files from Excel that ensures you won't mess up the existing data. This is a one-day hobby project, and Excel serves more as the UI toolkit and runtime environment than as the spreadsheet application, so you should be careful if you decide to rely on that code. The project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Here is the code:

The application reads parameters from named ranges, opens the required file, parses CSV header and displays a submission form for a new data row. Upon submission it combines new values into a CSV string and appends it to the file. All data manipulation is done in VBA. This app could have and should have been written in any modern language - it would probably have cleaner code. Excel is super easy to draft a simple UI though :)

The code is pretty straightforward so I'll highlight only the most interesting parts.

Reading and writing Unicode with VBA

Visual Basic for Applications is a hopelessly outdated environment. Unicode support can be achieved only with the help of COM interoperability, namely the ADODB.Stream object. This object provides a very comfortable interface for reading and writing text files in a bytestream mode, and also handles character encoding nicely.

Appending to a file is done via combination of seeking to the end of stream and writing the new data.

CSV packing and unpacking

I'm not exactly proud of how CSV string manipulations are implemented in the code. If VBA would've provided some nicer regex capabilities or a CSV-aware library it would've been better. I know about VBScript.RegExp, but it's an overkill for a small task my app was created to accomplish.

Current implementation can not handle a quote symbol in the middle of the field value. This is a known bug.


This the main and the only UI my utility offers. Inputs and buttons are meant to be self explaining. No value conversion is done when saving - the value of the cell is written as is, quotes are added if delimiter character occurs within the value.

Screenshot below is produced after loading demo CSV file with the following header:

ID,Column1,Column2,Column3 with very long header,"Column4, with delimiter in the name"

CSV Append

The project is published for educational and archival purposes. I'll be glad if you'll find any use for it.