Using Python on Windows does not come as naturally as on Unix-like systems, so any help is appreciated.

I wrote a batch script to automate creation, setup and deletion of Python virtual environment. This can come in handy when you want to test something in a clean env, or to play with pip install and get acquainted with a new package from PyPI.


You can download the script from

The code is licensed under a permissive opensource license (Apache License, Version 2.0) so feel free to use it for your hobby and work projects.

Report any bugs, ideas, feature requests via GitHub issues/comments - all feedback is welcome!


Downloaded script does not require any installation.

If python is not available from your %PATH%, you have to specify the location of python.exe in the script (change the value of PYTHON variable).


Launch the script from cmd.exe to read all error output (if any) or by double-clicking if you're confident it works on your system.

After you're done experimenting and are ready to discard the venv, just end shell session with exit - the script will take care of cleanup.

If you close the terminal window without typing exit, the script will be terminated before it performs cleanup. This has no harmful consequences except taking 20-50MB of disk space. Old venv directory will be purged before reusing, so no changes you've made will affect the environment you'll get next time.

NOTE: If you have no internet connection, the script remains usable, but pip will print a lot of error messages while trying to update itself. Don't worry, that's ok.